Andar Bahar – An Ultimate Guide to master the game

India, which has always had an intense passion for gambling, is credited with creating many well-known casino games. Even though they initially appeared as games for various celebrations, today’s players regularly engage in them. For instance, Andar Bahar game has long been a fixture in Indian society. Andar Bahar is a card game that anyone can play if they have a deck of cards with a simple set of rules.

South of India first played the Andar Bahar game, but it quickly moved across the nation to the point where it has formed a place in Hollywood online casinos. Because it doesn’t require any special infrastructure and can be played in a roadside casino, the basic game setup makes it even simpler to play. This facilitates the software development for this online game easy.

History and Evolution of Andar Bahar

Even though everyone enjoys the game, there aren’t many physical casinos where you may play Andar Bahar. Numerous casinos moved online, where they created specialized apps for both casinos and other games. Nowadays, many Andar Bahar gamers prefer to follow the crowd and select a risk-free option, such as an offshore online casino. Additionally, many additional creators created contemporary variants in response to this market’s booming expansion.

Online Andar Bahar

These days, you can also get Speed Andar Bahar online, which evaluates your reactions and reaction time. Additionally, you can try the Live Andar Bahar if you want to play with other players simultaneously. The Andar Bahar game is, without a doubt, the most favoured casino game in India. And with rules that are so straightforward to understand, it is impossible not to love this game.

Andar Bahar already has a following in the internet community that will buy the game.

More than 15 million people play Andar Bahar every day, according to recent statistics. So stop waiting and start playing Andar Bahar, the most widely played exciting game on the websites.

Andar Bahar
Andar Bahar
Super Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar rules and Variations:

Andar Bahar is a game that is entirely dependent on luck or chance. The dealer spreads all 52 cards of the typical card pack used for the game.

The player who lays the bet and the person who hands the cards together make up the minimum number of participants, which is two.

The initial card is dealt face-up, and the cards after it are arranged into two piles. The two betting options are the piles Andar, which means within, and Bahar, which means outside.

Simply predicting where the twin card of the first card will land is all the player requires.

There are variations of the game that needs to be mentioned:

  • The Turkish rules permit players to discard just one card per turn.

In the Turkish version, players can be eliminated if they cannot play any more cards from their own hands. 

  • The Indian version includes an additional rule that allows players to discard their entire hand if they are not satisfied with it.

Online casino systems allow players to wager the suit, colour, or rank.

Live Andar Bahar

The live version on Andar Bahar is the one for you if you enjoy engaging in human interaction during gaming sessions and find the thought of interacting with a dealer and competing player in real-time exciting. In many aspects, live Andar Bahar resembles real-world gambling. Your screen displays a high-definition live broadcast of a real-life dealer accepting your wagers and dealing out your turns. As they do so, real-time winnings and losses are shown on your screen. While a live Andar bahar might be exciting, a good internet connection is necessary to avoid delays and latency for a seamless live Andar bahar experience.

Virtual Andar Bahar

The online casino version of the game, Virtual Andar Bahar, relies on software and AI to regulate bets and manage winnings for gamers. This version of Andar Bahar may not appeal to people who prefer the excitement and fun of playing with live dealers in person, but it is a treat for introverts who want to try their luck at gambling but lack the nerve to do so in person. The software also offers additional advantages. By eliminating the dealer’s requirement, the virtual version eliminates cheating and other improper behaviour and guarantees a faster, easier, and error-free gambling experience.

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How to play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is a simple game and easy for beginners as well. Let us see how to play:

– A normal deck of cards is used in the straightforward game of chance known as Andar Bahar.

– Predicting whether the Andar set or the Bahar set will win is the game’s major goal.

– When the dealer shows the Joker, the game starts.

– The next step is for each participant to place their initial wager by putting chips on Andar or Bahar.

– The round is decided by which box the Joker lands in first.

– If the box that the Joker lands in matches the first call you made, you win.

What are Andar Bahar Rules?

Andar Bahar is a pretty straightforward game with extremely simple rules, which has been highlighted a few times. Even though the odds are always 50/50, the game is completely random, so your chances of winning are reasonable.

-1 player and 1 dealer play in this game, which is played with a regular 52-card deck. 

-Every card has its expected value, with 2 being the lowest and an ace being the highest. 

-There are no card combinations that you need to know because the purpose of the game is not to construct particular hands.

-Additionally, the game has a special playing surface where the dealer and player sit face to face. Between the two, there are two parts: one is referred to as Andar (left), and the other as Bahar (meaning right).

And that is all you need to know to begin playing; however, we’ll walk you through a round of the game in the section below to better understand how to win the game.

How to win Andar Bahar Game?

When a card of an equivalent value is drawn and appears next to the first card, the game is said to be won, and the payout totals a 90% increase over the initial sum. However, if it shows up on the other side, the payoff totals a 100% increase over the starting amount.

For, eg. 

The payment would be Rs. 1900 if the initial bet was Rs. 1000 and the card fell on the same side as the first card. However, the payoff would be Rs. 2000 if the card fell on the other side.

Online Andar Bahar Betting and payout

It’s simple to place a wager on the game. Unless Andar Bahar side bets are available, which is frequently not the case, you only have two options. Selected these Andar Bahar Bets:

  • Andar
  •  Bahar 

First wager

Once the Joker is revealed, the first round begins. You might choose to wager on Andar or Bahar. On Bahar, the first cards will be dealt; on Andar, the second. All bets on Bahar will have a 25% Andar Bahar payout, and the Andar bets will lose if the first card dealt on Bahar is a joker. All Andar bets will be paid out even if the first Joker lands on Andar and Bahar loses.

Second wager

The dealer will let you place your second bet when both the Andar and Bahar sides have received a card, and the Joker hasn’t been revealed. All second bets on Bahar will receive 25% of the wager if the first card of the second Bahar bet is a Joker. The initial wager on Bahar will even win additional money!

Andar Bahar games Bets, Payouts, and Probabilities:

As we’ve already explained, there are just two basic types of wagers you may place when playing Andar Bahar online. The best wager, made immediately after the Joker is revealed, is whether a card with the same value will land on the Andar set or the Bahar set.

This has a 50/50 chance of occurring because it is a game of chance.

However, if the entire deck of cards is used, the side that is dealt the first card has a better chance of winning because it receives an extra card. Andar usually draws the first card in most variations of the Andar Bahar casino game.

Other card game versions emphasize the colour suit dealt, with red representing Bahar and black representing Andar. If so, you might discover that the casino switches the odds dependent on which side the initial card is dealt.

To make things even clearer to understand, here is a quick breakdown:

51.50% of the Andar bet’s 0.9:1 payoff

1:1 payment on the Bahar bet: 48.5%

Tips to play Andar Bahar:

Anyone who plays at an online casino likes to win frequently, right? When playing for real money, you can increase your chances of winning using our Andar Bahar tips.

Please look at some points below to make it big at the game Andar Bahar.

Being knowledgeable is a top Andar Bahar tip that also applies to other online casino table games. Before playing, learn as much as you can about the game. Consider the vocabulary, regulations, wagers, and other aspects of the Andar Bahar game.

Search for differences

Numerous Andar Bahar varieties are accessible at the live casino; thus, not all online Andar Bahar games are the same. The game’s foundation is frequently the same, but the specifics may vary. You might be able to make additional or Andar Bahar side bets, for instance. Take in all the knowledge to increase your chances of winning!

Make wise bets

There are just two bets available when playing Andar Bahar online. Some gamers at online casinos firmly believe that wagering on Andar increases your chances of winning while reducing the house edge. This only applies if the middle card is drawn to the box before the first card is drawn. Whichever side is dealt the first card has a 51.5% chance of winning. 48.5% of the time is on the other side.

Recognize the Table Limits

When playing Andar Bahar, players can lose control and disregard table limits. You should always check the table limitations of the live casino game you are playing. Particularly when playing live Andar Bahar with side bets.


Self-control is essential! Before you begin playing, establish a budget and follow it. Never go after losses!

We suggest starting with smaller wagers to prevent overspending when you’re new to the game.

What are the Strategies to play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is an entirely random game. You have no control over how a hand will turn out.

Nevertheless, you can apply a few of our Andar Bahar tips to improve your overall odds of winning.

-Bet on Andar to get the lowest house edge.

-Andar is the best wager due to its somewhat smaller house edge. 

-Andar can triumph even if Bahar never receives a card from the draw because the first card is always for Andar.

Compared to betting on Bahar, the house edge is still 33% smaller.

Even though both online and live Andar Bahar are games of chance, there are a few tips you can use to increase your winnings! These Andar Bahar strategies will help you get better at the game:

Martingale method of Andar Bahar

Although it was developed for Roulette, this tactic works for practically all online casino games. Although when you play games with a 50/50 chance, the martingale technique is the most effective.

How does this Andar Bahar strategy operate?

-You double your wager for each bet you lose in the following round.

-You return to the value of your initial wager after each successful wager.

The following are some variations on this strategy:

Grand Martingale Strategy: 

Your strategy remains constant. However, you increase your initial wager each time you lose by an additional sum.

-The anti-Martingale approach is the polar opposite of the traditional Andar Bahar Martingale approach. 

-When employing this approach, you double your wager at a victory and return to your initial wager upon a defeat.

Whether-Or-Not Strategy

Some Andar Bahar techniques, like the hot or cold strategy, depend more on beliefs than numbers. A table lists the most recent Andar or Bahar winners using this Andar Bahar method.

-What do you think about hot and cold? According to the cold approach, you should place your wager on the team with the fewest victories.

-If you adhere to the current method, the situation is reversed. You place your wager based on the emotions of who has experienced the most victories.

Here are some benefits of playing Andar Bahar online:

Online, you can play Andar Bahar without cost. 

-As you won’t risk losing money if you make a dumb error, this is a terrific way to learn and practice the game.

-To check if you even like the game, you can try it out. Why waste money trying to figure it out when it’s not necessary?

-In comparison to traditional casinos, you can play for cheaper stakes. In contrast to $5–$10 or more in land-based casinos, most online casinos allow you to play for as little as $1.

– An online casino may offer you a match deposit bonus, increasing your bankroll by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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