Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is a Live Roulette variant that does not use a Live Dealer and instead employs an automated table that can spin the wheel up to 100 times per hour, 24 hours a day, making it most exciting and action-packed. Auto roulette is a European variant designed for high rollers seeking fast-paced action at the wheel. Auto Roulette from Evolution Gaming can generate up to 80 games per hour, indicating that things are moving quickly. This game is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there are no table opening hours.

Evolution Gaming designed Auto Roulette to look more virtual than real-life, with the screen focusing on the betting table and a small real roulette wheel to the top left of your screen. A full-screen mode is also available.

The different views and devices:

– Auto Roulette allows players to choose from various table views to enhance their gameplay experience.

– The standard view simulates a real Roulette table’s first-person perspective. The auto-zoom view will enhance the spinning wheel as the ball approaches the pocket, bringing players right into the action. 

– It has a unique 3D interface that allows you to zoom in on the roulette wheel whenever you want to immerse yourself in the gameplay. Because there is no human interaction, complete fairness is guaranteed.

– A full-screen mode is also available.

– Auto Roulette is accessible 24 hours a day and can be played on both the web and mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

– Auto Roulette is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Auto Roulette, like all of Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino games, is playable on all desktop and mobile devices, so you can take it wherever you go. 

-The new Auto Roulette game, like all of its other Roulette games, allows you to save your favourite bets and includes the special bets feature. We will get into more details about betting below. There is also a detailed bet history and numerous chat options.

Auto Roulette is also powered by Evolution Gaming and can be easily found to play and win at any online live casino.

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The Gameplay:

  • There is no live dealer in Auto Roulette. On the other hand, the live game is powered by a sophisticated, fully automated, precision Roulette wheel capable of 60 to 80 games per hour, 24 hours a day. Other advantages for operators include half-currency betting units, which appeal to a broader audience, faster game completion than in Roulette, and a low cost of ownership.
  • Speed Auto Roulette is a lightning-fast variant that can play 2,500 games daily. In Speed Auto Roulette, betting takes place only during the spin. Auto Roulette is available in European, French, and American versions.
  • Auto Roulette is available in both mainstream and VIP tables and features fast-paced, real live-wheel action with a high-quality look and feel.

What is the difference in Auto Roulette from other Roulettes?

The only difference between this live dealer casino game and others is that there is no dealer. Auto Roulette is not intended to be a social game; rather, it is designed for high rollers who want to play their games as quickly as possible. 

This is a VIP game for all stakes, but VIPs can place large bets of up to 20,000 at a time. Surprisingly, the minimum chip bet is only 0.20, which we didn’t expect to see in a high-roller roulette game.

The Auto Roulette game follows standard European roulette rules, with 37 pockets and a single zero. If you’ve ever played Roulette, you’ll know that the numbers on a European table range from 1 to 36. The standard bets are also available, with the straight-up bet offering the highest payout of 35 to 1.

Regarding betting, the chip denominations are located at the bottom of your screen. Drag those chips and drop them where you want to place your bet, then watch the wheel shoot a ball onto the wheel to produce a winning outcome. The table and wheel can be viewed from various angles by the players.

Auto Roulette is similar to other online roulette games, but the main difference is the ability to place large bets. Your screen will include a display with the most recent numbers from the wheel – to assist you in making your next decision.

The roulette wheel is real, even though the game appears virtual.

Auto Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%.

To reiterate:

-It is played without a live dealer.

-It’s being broadcasted live from a physical casino. It’s not a studio model.

-Different tables provide varying speeds.

-VIP betting with high stakes is available.

Real Auto Roulette Review and Casinos to Play

Rules to play Auto Roulette:

  • Auto Roulette adheres to the same basic rules as Live Roulette. A wheel with numbers 0 to 36 is spun, and players can bet on any number or combination of numbers.
  • The main distinction between Auto Roulette and Live Roulette is that no Live Dealer is present. Instead, a sophisticated and fully automated Live Roulette wheel is used. Players can spin up to 100 times per hour.
  • Auto Roulette has a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 97.30%.

How to Play Auto Roulette?

1. Go to a live casino powered by Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play to play Auto Roulette. A fully automated roulette wheel, player chat, and racetrack betting are all included in the game.

2. The roulette wheel has 37 numbered slots ranging from 0 to 36. The game’s goal is to predict where the ball will land after spinning the wheel. The MIN/MAX section of the table displays the table’s minimum and maximum bets.

3. Payments are made following the Paytable. Open the Information Menu to view the Paytable, or see the Payout section below.

4. When a table closes, a voice announcement will inform you of the number of game rounds left. Then it’ll take you to the casino lobby.

5. You are invited to place your bets at the start of each game round. The betting timer starts counting down in seconds.

6. You can highlight the various bets by pointing to different areas of the table.

When you highlight a bet, a window appears with that bet’s minimum and maximum bet limits.

7. Choose a chip value and click a number or betting area on the table to bet. Additional clicks add the required number of same-value chips to the selected bet.

8. After placing a bet, you can look at the chips on the table to see the total value of the bet as well as the total payout if the bet wins.

9. Any bets placed that are less than the table’s minimum bet limit are invalid and will not be accepted.

Any bets that exceed the table’s maximum bet limit are automatically adjusted to match the maximum limit.

10. When the bet timer reaches zero, the ball is ejected into the wheel and you are notified that betting is no longer available.

11. The total value of all bets is deducted from your casino balance at the end of the betting session.

12. The winning number is announced when the ball lands in a slot, and all winning bets are paid.

Different Types of Bets in Auto Roulette:

Inside bets, outside bets, and racetrack bets are all available in this game.

1. Inside Bets

Inside bets are wagers made on specific numbers on the table layout. Inside bets consist of the following:

Straight: A straight bet is one on a single number. Place a chip on a number on the table to make a straight bet.

Line three (street): A three-line (street) bet is a wager on three numbers in a row. Place a chip on the line at the start of one of the 12 rows to make a street bet.


A corner bet is a four-number wager: Place a chip on the intersection of four numbers to make a corner bet.

Split: A split bet is a wager placed on two adjacent numbers. Place a chip on the line between any two adjacent numbers to make a split bet.

Sixth line: A six-line bet is a wager on six numbers, two rows of three numbers, excluding zero. Place a chip at the beginning of the line that separates the two rows to make a six-line bet.

2. Outside Bets

Outside bets are wagers placed on the table’s areas representing groups of numbers. 

Among the outside bets are:

Even/Odd. An even or odd bet is a wager on 18 numbers, either all of the even numbers excluding 0 or all of the odd numbers excluding 0. Place a chip on the Even or Odd area to make an even or odd bet.

Column. A column bet is a wager on 12 numbers divided into 1 column of 12. Place a chip on one of the three 2 to 1 area to make a column bet.

Dozen. A dozen bet is a wager on 12 numbers (four rows of three). Place a chip on one of the areas labelled 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 to make a dozen bets.

Red/Black. A red or black bet is a wager on all 18 numbers, either all black or all red. Place a chip on the unlabeled red or black area to make a red or black bet.

3. Neighbor Bets

One or more inside bets on a series of numbers as they appear on the roulette wheel are known as neighbour bets. Place chips on the roulette racetrack to make neighbour bets. To view the full version of the racetrack, click the mini image of the racetrack.

Bets on neighbours include:

Numbers and their surroundings:  A number and neighbours bet is a bet on five numbers by default; one number plus the two numbers that appear on both sides of that number on the wheel. Place a chip on a number on the racetrack to make a number and neighbours bet.

What exactly are the Favorite Bets features?

The game includes a favourite bets feature that allows you to save and automatically place bets of any configuration. Place all your bets on the table and then open the favourite bets menu to save a bet as a favourite. Enter a name for your wager and click OK. Open the favourite bets menu and select a bet from your list to place one of your favourite bets. All chips are automatically placed.

All previous bets on the table are cleared when you place a favourite bet. Close the favourite bet in the list to delete it.

Strategies to win Auto Roulette game:

Because Auto Roulette follows the same rules as regular Roulette, any of your usual strategies should work. If you’re looking for ways to shake things up in your routine, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. The Martingale method

This is a common strategy that many regular players fail to implement; it’s a simple concept with simple instructions. You double your stake for the next round when you lose a bet. You keep going until you win. Outside bets, such as red/black, even/odds, or high/low, are accepted. Starting small is critical because the stakes can quickly rise if you go on a losing streak. If you win, you can leave the game, return to the original low bet, and begin again.

The risk with Martingale is that you could lose a lot of money before you hit a win, and if you lose all of your money before the win, the losses will be significant.

2. D’Alembert strategy

If you like Martingale’s concept but are concerned that your betting balance will not stretch far enough, D’Alembert is a slightly safer approach that adheres to similar principles. The idea is to stick to simple outside bets while decreasing or increasing your wager by one each time. If you win, your bet is reduced by one, but if you lose, it is increased by one.

You stop playing when you have as many wins as losses. The strategy entails playing through a losing streak until the number of wins catches up. If you follow this rule, you will never lose; however, it is easier said than done to keep going.

3. James Bond Strategy

People named this method after James Bond creator Ian Fleming, who devised it for his character to use. As you might expect from a method fit for a secret agent, some risk is involved, but the strategy is sound.

You can play with any amount less than that if you divide your stake into three parts, as 70%/25%/5%.

The wheel’s coverage is broad but excludes numbers 1-12. This is where the risk lies; if the ball lands between 1 and 12, you will lose the entire bet.

Is playing Auto Roulette Legal?

Evolution Gaming is a well-known developer that offers players dependable casino games such as Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time. Of course, it is critical that you carefully select the casino, as it is not just about who creates the game.

It would be best to only play at casinos licenced and regulated by reputable organisations. This ensures that the casinos must adhere to high standards and be closely monitored.

When you play at an unregulated casino, you risk not receiving the RTP you expect, the random number generator being tampered with, or simply not receiving the money you win. 

Stick to well-known and trusted regulated casinos to avoid putting your money and data at risk.

Why play Auto Roulette on LuckyNiki?

In every way, LuckyNiki is the most trusted online gaming provider. We’ll explain why you should start playing on LuckyNiki.

Here are a few reasons why LuckyNiki is a popular gaming destination:

1. It is extremely high performing due to high-performance requirements developed by Japanese heritage.

2. The SSL protocol encrypts the data, ensuring the security of the entire data system.

3. We are available to help you at all hours of the day and night via email, chat, and our user-friendly interface.

4. 24-hour withdrawals, a daily jackpot of up to INR 5 million, and an INR 1 lakh sign-up bonus. Yes, it is true, and we practise it.

5. A variety of payment options; UPI and Net banking for Indians; over 2500 games in total; Indian Games- Given the variety of games available, you will not be bored for long.

Before you begin playing with LuckyNiki for the ultimate gaming experience, let us review some things to keep in mind.

There are numerous things to enjoy at your preferred online casino. Even though we go to great lengths to ensure the security of your gaming experience here, there are a few things you should keep in mind to improve its security even further.

Here are a few quick and easy steps you can take to prevent account theft:

– Never give out your login information to anyone.

– Never, ever use the “Remember Password” option.

– Always log out and end each session. Remember to log out once you’ve finished playing.

– When using a shared computer, be especially cautious of the abovementioned threats.

– If you suspect someone has accessed your account, keep an eye out for the following signs:

– Keep track of your balance by logging in and out and noting any discrepancies.

– Game history: keep a record of your gaming sessions (you can get a log of games played each session by contacting support) – Confirm each transaction with the cashier.

– Receipts: If you know you have yet to play, keep an eye out for transaction receipts in your inbox.

If someone else has accessed your account, please get in touch with us right away.

Let us now look at the enrollment process on LuckyNiki:

Method of Registration:

Creating a new account at LuckyNiki’s mobile casino is as simple as it gets and only takes a few minutes. To begin, you must enter your name, birthdate, and gender. After that, enter your current address, phone number, and email address. Once everything is in place, you can set daily restrictions. Then you can access the mobile casino and claim LuckyNiki’s welcome bonus.

You can now download the LuckyNiki app much more easily.

Follow a few simple steps that may differ slightly depending on your device. Here’s a detailed installation guide:

1. Install the app:

The casino’s website will display a request to download the app. You can do this immediately via the website or the Google Play store for Android.

You can download the LuckyNiki app here.

2. Sign up or log in:

If you already have an account with the online casino, you can download the LuckyNiki app immediately. If you are creating an account for the first time, you must register and provide some personal information. Go to the cashier and enter your preferred payment method to play for real money.

3: Choose a game:

By scrolling through the game zone, you can select the game type and version you want to test. If you prefer, you can begin playing for free to get a feel for the game.

4: From the menu, select “Play”!

You are now ready to start playing and winning! Ensure your device is set to landscape mode to get the best view.

Apple devices go through the same procedure. When downloading the programme from the Google Play store, the only option is to select the Apple version.

Before we go:

LuckyNiki’s administration understands that everyone’s tastes in entertainment differ. To meet most of our customer’s needs, we offer over 2500 casino games, including table games, jackpot games, slot machines, and special live casino games.

The mobile site version automatically transforms to the phone’s screen orientation for the best browsing experience. The layout of LuckyNiki casino makes it easy to navigate this vast games library, as there are separate areas for different game types.

All these games are available at LuckyNiki Casino without needing additional mobile casino apps to download. So let’s get started!

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