Crazy Coin Flip

Are you ready? For world-class entertainment with slots and a live game show. Presenting Crazy Coin Flip, a unique casino slot game that offers its players multiplied payouts and a live Coin Flip bonus round.

This Evolution Gaming creation combines the best of RNG slots along with live casino games in the most eccentric and revolutionary way. In this live casino game, players can keep accumulating multipliers in the different game rounds or phases for the opportunity to land big, multiplied winnings in the final game round or phase where a single coin is tossed.

The Crazy Coin Flip live casino game consists of the following three game phases –

  • The Qualifying Slot
  • The Against The Clock Top-Up Slot
  • The Live Coin Flip Bonus Round

In the Qualifying Slot round, players need to collect three scatter symbols to qualify for the actual live game. It’s possible that these scatter symbols might come with multipliers attached which you can carry with you to the next round which is the Against The Clock Top Up Slot game phase.

In the Against The Clock Top Up Slot game phase, players can boost their multipliers by collecting three coin symbols in the same colour in the middle row. The multipliers that are won get added together and brought over to the next and final game phase.

The Live Bonus Round, also known as the Coin Flip bonus round is hosted by a live game show host. This round or phase generates even more multipliers on both sides of the coin. These multipliers contribute to a player’s total winnings along with the multipliers from the qualifying and the top-up slot phase.

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This exciting live game builds anticipation as the game show host pulls the lever to flip the coin. This move determines which side of the coin will win – the blue side or the red side. Depending on the result, players get paid according to the multiplier on the winning coin side.

Theme And Design

The studio where the Crazy Coin Flip live game show is hosted is pretty impressive. It has a red and gold backdrop which oozes opulence and luxury. With the slot feature, the game sometimes gives a carnival-ish vibe but the overall appearance of the slot in the base game is pretty classic and traditional.

The slot game is quite simple but that’s okay. It’s just a round that helps players advance to the live bonus feature. Once players have cleared those rounds, they are taken to a very elaborately decorated studio which is completely inspired by the red and blue coins.

Crazy Coin Flip Game Features

The live casino game Crazy Coin Flip is hosted by a live dealer that doesn’t really operate the game. The game is completely run by random number generators or RNGs. All the scatter symbols that players can trigger the bonus game with carry multipliers.

This way players can hit some big payouts when they combine all the multipliers within the live game. The Crazy Coin Flip is Evolution Gaming’s first live slot that can give players some of the biggest prizes.

Let us take a closer look at all the Crazy Coin Flip game features.

The Qualification Phase

You can probably understand the aim of this round with its name alone. The Qualifying Slot game phase is so that players can qualify for the live Coin Flip bonus round. In this round, players are presented with a classic online slot featuring five reels and thirty rows.

When players manage to land three scatter symbols in one spin, they qualify for the next round. Some of these scatter symbols come with multipliers and when players qualify for the next round, the multipliers get added together and taken to the next game phase.

All these values are used to boost the multipliers in the final live Coin Flip bonus round.

The Spin Modes

The Qualifying Slot game phase has three different spin modes, they are –

  • Normal Spin
  • XXXtreme Spin
  • Super XXXtreme Spin

The bet a player ends up selecting in the Normal Spin mode becomes their base bet and gets used for calculating their winnings. In order to help players potentially qualify faster they can choose to activate one of the two XXXtreme spin modes.

In the XXXtreme spin mode, players are guaranteed one scatter symbol on each and every spin at the cost of 5x their base bet. However, in the Super XXXtreme spin mode, when players pay 50x their base bet they are guaranteed two scatter symbols on each and every spin.

One thing to keep in mind is that the XXXtreme spin modes offer more frequent multipliers than the Normal spin mode.

The Top-Up Phase

Once a player has cleared the Qualifying Slot game phase, they enter the Against The Clock Top-Up Slot game phase. In this game phase, players get the opportunity to further boost their multipliers to multiply their final winnings. In the Top Up Slot game phase, there’s a slot machine with three reels and three rows.

The Top Up slot machine contains red and blue coin symbols and each of the symbols contains a multiplier value. To increase the multiplier values, players can choose to increase their Top Up slot bet amount.

Players end up winning multipliers by collecting three coin symbols of the same colour, either red or blue, in the middle row. All the values of the won multipliers get added together and combined with the total Top Up multiplier for the won coin colour of either red or blue.

As soon as the timer runs out, players automatically get taken to the live Coin Flip bonus round. If the player has managed to qualify right before the bonus round gets started then they can choose to stay in the Top Up game phase and continue to top up and spin the live slot.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The final game phase is the live Coin Flip bonus round which is the most exciting part of the entire live casino game. In the Coin Flip bonus round, there is a real live game host that generates multipliers for both sides of the coin. The multipliers are important because they contribute to a player’s total winnings.

Once players have received their Coin Flip bonus round multipliers, all of the multipliers including the scatter symbols multipliers, the top-up multipliers, and the coin flip multipliers get added together. These are displayed separately on the red and blue sides of the coin.

Finally, the live game host pulls a lever to flip the coin. When one of the sides of the coin ends face up, it is considered the Coin Flip bonus round result. The player gets paid based on the multiplier that is on the winning coin side.

Some Unique Features Of Crazy Coin Flip

The Crazy Coin Flip live casino game is filled with several exciting gaming features, however, there were a couple of unique features that just stood out for us. These were,

  • The Count Down Timer
  • The Coin Flip Multiplier
  • The Scatter Symbol
  • The Top-Up Multiplier

All of these together just made the gameplay so much more thrilling compared to some other live casino games.

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip

Playing Crazy Coin Flip live is really simple. If you really think about it, this live dealer game is essentially a slot game that is based on the Coin Flip bonus round that is found in another Evolution Gaming creation called Crazy Time live.

Here’s how you play this exhilarating live slot duo game.

  • Step 1 – Visit LuckyNiki online casino, go to the gaming section, and choose the Crazy Coin Flip live game.

After you have found the game and clicked on it, LuckyNiki online casino will take you to the live studio of Evolution Gaming where you’ll be greeted by the host that will present the game. 

  • Step 2 – Start playing the live Crazy Coin Flip game.

Locate the game in the lobby and click on it, as soon as you select the “Play now” button a new game will start just for you. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the game by clicking on the arrows next to the “Play now” button, this is a crucial step to understanding how the game works.

  • Step 3 – Begin with the qualifying slot game.

Now that you’ve started playing the game, the first thing that you’ll see is a slot machine. This slot will have five reels and ten pay lines. In this basic game, players play with an RTP of 96.05%. To start playing the qualifying slot round, start by choosing a bet amount you want to spin with.

Make adjustments by clicking on the “+” and “-” buttons. All kinds of players can play this game, it’s very versatile. That’s why it’s perfect for low-stakes players as well as for high-stakes players. When you feel like you’re satisfied with your chosen bet, just click on “Spin”. 

  • Step 4 – Activate the XXXtreme spins.

If you are looking to maximise your chances to win at the bonus game round then you can choose to activate one of the two XXXtreme spins rounds. In the XXXtreme spin, when players pay five times their bet per spin they get a guaranteed one scatter symbol.

In the Super XXXtreme spin, when players pay fifty times their bet per spin, they get two guaranteed scatter symbols. Players should make a note that the XXXtreme spins do not guarantee that they will unlock the bonus game for you.

With the XXXtreme spins, players get a better chance at cracking the bonus game because they’ve already bought either one or two of the scatter symbols on the reels.

  • Step 5 – Unlock the Coin Flip bonus round.

If you manage to spin three scatter symbols on the reels then you’ve unlocked the “Crazy Coin Flip” bonus game. This is the point where the game gets really exciting.

  • Step 6 – Increase your multipliers for the biggest multiplied payout.

When you start playing the bonus game, you’ll find a new slot machine with three reels. However, in this particular slot, there are only two symbols present; the red coin and the blue coin. Each and every blue and the red coin has a multiplier displayed on it.

When players land three of the matching colour symbols in a row, the corresponding multipliers get added to the colour coin. Players can spin the reels for the amount of bet they played the basic game with, however, there’s always an option to increase the stakes.

Increasing your stakes would automatically increase the multipliers in the game.

  • Step 7 – Play the Coin Flip live game phase.

Players get at most 50 seconds to collect multipliers through the slots. The actual time can be shorter, in reality, it all depends on when the player chose the base game.

If they happened to select really late and only had five seconds or less to collect their multipliers then they’ll be given a choice to collect an extra round of multipliers. This is when the “Crazy Coin Flip” really begins.

The blue and red coins get their own separate multipliers and all the multipliers that players have collected up to this point get added to it. This amount can get really high, giving this game huge potential for pumping out massive wins.

The next step is to flip the coin and see which colour ends up on the top. The live game host pulls a lever and flips the coin, whatever colour ends face up is the winning colour.

  • Step 8 – Collect your winnings.

When the coin is flipped and a winner is decided all the winnings get paid out. The fantastic thing about the bonus game is that players are guaranteed a win, with the winning colour getting the highest multiplier.

Crazy Coin Flip is a live casino game that is a slot game and a live game in one little package. The concept seems slightly complicated but the game is actually quite straightforward. This game works as a slot on the base game where players spin the reels to win prizes and if they’re lucky then some multipliers.

When players land three scatter symbols they qualify for the next round. In the bonus game, you can initiate by topping up each side of the coin with multipliers. In this game, the coin has a red and a blue side which gets flipped.

A multiplier gets applied that is on the side where the coin lands to the scatter multiplier that the player has entered the live bonus feature with.

How To Win Crazy Coin Flip

In order to win big at the Crazy Coin Flip live game, players need to match any combination of three symbols on the reels starting on the leftmost reel to trigger a win. In this live slot, the bell symbol has the highest payout capacity with five of them awarding twenty times a player’s total bet.

There are other ways of attaining wins like by discovering three or more scatter symbols that will eventually activate the live Coin Flip mode. In the Coin Flip mode, each and every single player has a fifty per cent chance to guess the correct colour of the coin that will be flipped.

The winning choice gets the corresponding colour’s multipliers along with the previous multipliers that were collected during the Top Up bonus feature.

The Paytable Symbols

The following are the paytable symbols and how much they payout,

  • Bell – Three (5x), Four (10x), Five (20x)
  • Cherry – Three (2x), Four (6x), Five (12x)
  • A – Three (0.6x), Four (1.5x), Five (3.5x)
  • K – Three (0.5x), Four (1.3x), Five (3x)
  • Q – Three (0.4x), Four (1x), Five (2.5x)
  • J – Three (0.3x), Four (0.7x), Five (2x)
  • 10 – Three (0.2x), Four (0.5x), Five (1.5x)

The Bonus Symbols

In the Crazy Coin Flip live casino game, the bonus symbols include the following,

  • Scatter symbols – These activate the Coin Flip bonus game. 
  • Top-up multipliers – These are coloured multipliers that add a multiplier value to the corresponding coin colour, either blue or red.

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip At LuckyNiki

To play this fun and exciting live slot game at LuckyNiki online casino just follow these steps. 

  • Step 1 – Enter LuckyNiki online casino’s URL in your web browser or you could download and install the LuckyNiki app.
  • Step 2 – Log in to your existing LuckyNiki account or create a new account with us. To create your account, click on the “Join now” button and add all your personal and banking details. Choose a username and password and make sure to verify all your details as soon as possible.
  • Step 3 – Make your first deposit in your gaming account and claim your welcome bonus.
  • Step 4 – Look for the Crazy Coin Flip game in LuckyNiki’s live casino game section.
  • Step 5 – Click on the game and select “Play now”.
  • Step 6 – Familiarise yourself with all the rules and instructions of the game and then start playing.

Play Crazy Coin Flip At LuckyNiki

Play Evolution’s first live slot only at LuckyNiki online casino. With LuckyNiki players get amazing benefits and perks that they cannot find in other places. Join LuckyNiki and discover the joys of online casino gaming.

  • Endless Gaming Variety – At LuckyNiki you will find a huge variety of games including Indian games and five different live dealer providers.
  • Largest Welcome Bonus – All new players get a welcome package of up to ₹1 lakh bonus along with 250 free spins. This is the most generous welcome bonus in the industry.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Pay comfortably with local and international payment methods like Net Banking, UPI, Skrill, Neteller, and Astropay.
  • Cash Out Within 24 Hours – Get all your Crazy Coin Flip winnings directly into your bank account in no time.
  • Exciting Daily Bonuses – Get customized daily bonuses that are personalised to your gaming style.
  • 24 Hours Customer Support – Get 24/7 dedicated customer support through multiple channels like phone, email, and live chat.


For players that absolutely love playing online slots, Evolution Gaming has created a Live Slot named Crazy Coin Flip. This live dealer game combines the best of both worlds with the perfect marriage between an online slot and a live game show experience.

The aim of Crazy Coin Flip is pretty simple, the players need to qualify for the Coin Flip bonus round to grab their chance of transforming the accumulated multipliers into even bigger multiplied payouts. This game is really fun, it shifts from a classic slot to a live gaming experience.

Crazy Coin Flip includes three game phases namely the Qualifying Slot, the Against The Clock Top Up Slot, and finally the live Coin Flip bonus round.

Play fun and exciting live dealer games like the Crazy Coin Flip only at LuckyNiki online casino.

Get Lucky With LuckyNiki!

Crazy Coin Flip FAQ

  • Where can I play crazy coin flips?

You can play Crazy Coin Flip at LuckyNiki online casino. At LuckyNiki online casino players get a generous welcome bonus of 100% with 250 free spins. You also have a lot to choose from as the gaming library houses more than 2500 games.

Play Crazy Coin Flip live dealer game with LuckyNiki and our five different live dealer providers. When you win big, you can transfer all your winnings from your gaming account to your bank account in less than 24 hours.

  • How does Crazy Coin Flip work?

There are a total of three game phases in the Crazy Coin Flip live casino game. Players need to qualify for the bonus game in the first game phase. To do this they need to land three scatters in a row in a single spin. Then players need to top up their multipliers in the second game phase.

All the multipliers get transferred to the final game round. The third game phase is the Coin Flip game phase where the final flip of a coin decides who is the winner.

  • Are coin flips really 50-50?

Yes, the coin flips really are 50-50. This means that either the red or the blue side of the coin will land meaning that all players have a clear-cut 50% chance of winning in Crazy Coin Flip. The game is completely run and operated by random number generators or RNGs so there is no manipulation.

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