Mega Wheel- A perfect live casino game 

Mega Wheel is a spectacular new live casino game of chance from Pragmatic Play, a top content supplier to the gaming industry.

With the help of Pragmatic Play’s staff of entertaining presenters, players will have the live casino experience of feeling like they are participating in their favourite TV game show. The game has a massive wheel with 54 multicoloured parts, each numbered and representing a payout for successful players.

Simply defined, Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel is a Wheel of Fortune-style game. It is a live casino game show, a type of live dealer game that combines real-money gambling with features of TV-style game shows.

Predicting the right number when the Mega Wheel stops spinning is the game’s objective, which was inspired by the mass favourite Big 6 and Money Wheels themes, with the potential to win up to 40 times the amount staked. A Mega win will increase players’ earnings up to a monstrous 500 times their wager.

Mega Wheel Online Casino Game | Unibet UK

Mega Wheel Game and its features:

  • During the game, players will be able to converse and interact with the hosts, giving them a taste of the TV game show format. A modern studio with dynamic colours, lights, music effects, and animations that change as the game advances was specially created for the game.
  • To understand how to play Mega Wheel Online, you do not have to be a gambling whiz. The hosts are friendly, and the game is really easy to understand and play. 
  • Additionally, since you are already on a LuckyNiki casino website, you may save time looking for one. If you have not already, register for an account on LuckyNiki, make a deposit, open the game, and begin spinning the wheel.
  • You can discover comprehensive instructions on how to play the Mega Wheel game, as well as information on the different bet types, playing techniques, and more, below. Predicting where the wheel will stop is the game’s objective. The lesser often a prize appears on the wheel, the larger it is, giving you the option to select how risky you want to play.
  • The first live game show from Pragmatic Play is called Live Mega Wheel, and a victorious spin could return up to 500 times your wager! This live entertainment game is not the first of its kind, but it is the first to multiply one of the numbers before the spin is made.
  • Other wheels of fortune, such as Dream Catcher and Spin a Win, require multipliers to be earned before they may be used to the number.
  • The Pragmatic Live Mega Wheel is unique because a Random Number Generator (RNG) selects the multiplier before the spin is made. This feature gives every spin a little extra thrill, especially if you bet on the number with the multiplier.
  • The game’s “autoplay,” “bet on all” option, which covers all nine bet kinds in one action, “advanced bets validation,” a thorough bet history, and the chance to interact with the game’s host, other players, or the support staff are some of its key features. With more than 100 currencies and 20 UI languages available, the operating language is English.
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Casino Mega Wheel Rules

  • Mega Wheel is a live wheel game with a huge rotating wheel with various segments—54, to be exact. 
  • Numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 are included in the segments, with lower numbers occurring more frequently than higher ones. 
  • The number 1 occurs on the wheel 20 times, whereas the number 40 only has one segment.
  • After each spin, the Mega Wheel live game’s presenter or host alternately spins the wheel in clockwise and counterclockwise directions; if the wheel lands on your lucky number, you win.
  • The buttons at the top let you access the game’s settings, launch live chat, turn on and off the sound, and go back to the Mega Wheel casino lobby, while the ribbon in the lower portion of the screen displays the numbers that were drawn in the previous betting rounds.
  • Simply predicting where the wheel will stop is the only objective in the online game Mega Wheel. 
  • You have the option to wager on a single number, a group of numbers, or all of the numbers at once. The sole important rule is to put a wager before the timer expires.

With these rules in mind, let us understand more details about the game.

What is the Mega Wheel Online Game?

You must first find and visit an Online casino in order to play Mega Wheel online. Given that we are hosting the game right here on LuckyNiki, you may tick that option right away. Come back to this page and open the Mega Wheel game after creating an account at our casino and making a deposit into it.

All types of players will find the game to be great because of its large betting range. Mega Wheel has what you are searching for, whether you are a casual player prepared to bet only a few dozen rupees or a high roller seeking millions.

Here is how to play the Mega Wheel online game;

1. Once the game has loaded, choose your chip size in the lower right corner of the screen, and when the subsequent betting round starts, put a wager. 

2. You only have around 15 seconds to place your wager, so move quickly.

3. Simply click on the corresponding numbers to place a bet, or select BET ON ALL to place an equal stake on all available numbers. 

4. Use the autoplay feature to have the game place bets for you up to 100 times in a row if you intend to make the same wager repeatedly.

5. You win if the wheel stops on the number you bet. If not, In that case, you lose.

The following sections will cover the sorts of bets and specific payouts.

Types of Mega Wheel Bets and Odds

The payouts on Mega Wheel match the numbers, which is one factor that makes learning very simple. You will earn 5,000 if you successfully bet 1,000 on number 5. There is a twist, though. One of the numbers will be assigned a greater multiplier after the betting timer expires, allowing you to win more when that number is drawn.

⇒ For instance, the payoff for the number 2 is typically 2x, but if it appears in that round with an 8x multiplier, you might be rewarded eight times your bet. The potential multiplier increases as the number does. The following table lists the lowest and maximum payouts for each Mega Wheel bet type.

Bet TypePayout (default)Payout (Maximum)

⇒ Keep in mind that multipliers are only applied to a certain number after the betting round has concluded.

⇒ Once you know how many segments each bet has, calculating the Mega Wheel live odds is rather simple. For instance, the odds of winning such a wager are 53 to 1 because the number 40 only appears once on a wheel with 54 segments.

⇒ There are a total of 9 alternatives available if you browse the bet table. The numbers 8 and 10, as well as 15 and 20, are the ones that attract the most.

⇒ As with most of these Wheel of Fortune casino games, your payoff is determined by the bet number. The odds on the 8 and 10 bets are 8 to 1 and 10 to 1, respectively.

⇒ However, if we look at the actual wheel, we will notice that both 8 and 10 show up four times. They have a success rate of about 7.4% as a result. However, both of these wagers have an identical 7.4% chance of winning on every wheel turn.

⇒ They do provide two distinct rewards, 8:1 and 10:1.

For the same level of risk, the latter provides better returns. So, betting on 10 is always the superior choice between the two.

⇒ We can see that the situations for the 15 and 20 wagers are comparable. Both have about a 3.7% chance of winning, but the 20 bet pays out more. Therefore, the greatest Mega Wheel strategy is to never wager on 8 and 15 and always wager on 10 and 20.

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Before each spin, an RNG engine assigns the multipliers. Although 500 x is the highest multiplier, not all numbers can use it.

-One can be multiplied up to 100 times.

-The maximum multiplier for 2 is 200 x.

-Maximum multipliers for 5, 8, and 10 are 250 times.

-500 x is the max for the numbers 15, 20, 20, and 40.

-So you can see that the numbers that come in less frequently are the ones that get the bigger prizes.

Additionally, keep in mind that these are maximum numbers and are not expected to occur frequently.

Return to Player (RTP)

The Live Mega Wheel’s ideal theoretical RTP is 96.51%.

It is neither the lowest nor the highest RTP you will find.

The game’s high variance multipliers are what make it appealing. They must be paid for in some way. As a result, the multipliers receive a portion of the RTP rather than the base game.

In fact, you will discover that the game’s RTP will be significantly lower if the multipliers are not being paid!

Mega Wheel Live Advice and Techniques

Mega Wheel is a game of chance with a 96.51% return to the player. Even if the RTP is not the highest you will find in live dealer games, it is also not the lowest.

⇒ Whatever the case, there are a few Mega Wheel methods that players have developed since the game’s launch, and while they are not 100% effective, they are definitely fun to try out.

⇒ One of them is to place an equal wager on each number. Fortunately, there is a button that will set chips on all of the numbers, so you do not have to make each wager separately. This equal wager is a very risky method that only succeeds if you receive a multiplier early on.

⇒ You can also try betting on the 2s and 5s, which mathematically have the biggest probability of delivering a profit and a selection of numbers that span a significant portion of the board. Of course, you will still need a lot of luck to make a sizable profit.

What is the most effective Mega Wheel betting strategy?

You can employ a few betting tactics when playing the Live Mega Wheel.

Place a Bet on Every Number

By using this method, you wager on every number. Is this a wise course of action? If you win a multiplier in the first few spins, then yes. Although it is a high-risk tactic and one that does not often pay off, the return is typically greater than your cumulative bets for the prior spins.

Place a wager on one number and pray for a multiplier to appear.

When using this approach, you must consider the likelihood that the number will win as well as the potential multiplier value.

The odds of making a profit are highest for numbers 2 and 5, according to the table.

Bet on a selection of numbers

Anyone would wager four times. Five on number one, three on number two (which has a maximum payoff of 200x and 13 winning possibilities), one on number ten (4 payout possibilities), one on number twenty (2), and one on number twenty (3). This has a 2:1 chance of being selected because it covers half the board.

Utilizing Mega Wheel Stats

The playing interface displays the statistics from previous spins. Many gamblers utilize this information to guide their wagering choices.

You can find past outcomes in Mega Wheel Stats and learn more about using them.

Compensation & Probabilities

Here is the chart showing everything that you need to know:

NumberNumber of SegmentsMaximum MultiplierWinning Probability

How to win a Megawheel game?

You can play longer in anticipation of some luck by using a prudent betting strategy and limiting your wagers to a particular portion of your bankroll per game round. Only the seldom occurring numbers 15, 20, 20, and 40 are eligible for the 500x multiplier. Reduce your expectations and focus on numbers with a good multiplier and higher picking odds.

Are Dream Catcher, Spin A Win, and Live Mega Wheel the same thing?

In contrast to Dream Catcher and Spin A Win, multipliers are given to numbers in Live Mega Wheel before the wheel is spun. In Dream Catcher and Spin A Win, the multipliers are wheel segments that only increase in value by 7x; however, in Mega Wheel, you may give select numbers a multiplier of 500x.

Where is Live Mega Wheel available?

Online casinos that offer Pragmatic Play Live Casino games allow players to play Live Mega Wheel.

Click here and start playing with LuckyNiki.

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Why play Megawheel on LuckyNiki?

LuckyNiki is the most trusted online gaming provider, and in all sense, it is. We will take you through why you should start playing on LuckyNiki.

Below are a few reasons that make LuckyNiki, a go-to place for gamers:

1. It is extremely high performing thanks to high-performance requirements created following Japanese heritage.

2. The SSL protocol encrypts the data, making the entire data system secure.

3. We are available to assist you at all times, day or night, via email and chat, and our user-friendly interface.

4. 24-hour withdrawals, a daily jackpot of up to INR 5 million, and a 100% sign-up bonus of up to INR 1 lakh. Yes, it is true, and we do it.

5. Numerous payment choices; UPI and Net banking for Indians; 2500+ games in total; Indian Games- Considering the range of games you have in front of you, you would not be bored for long.

Now before you start playing with LuckyNiki to have the ultimate gaming experience, let us take you through some things to keep in mind.

At your chosen online casino, there are many things to enjoy. Even though we go to great lengths to ensure your gaming experience is secure here, there are a few things you should keep in mind to enhance its security further.

Here are a few quick and simple precautions you may take to prevent account theft:

– Never share your login information with anyone.

– Never select “Remember Password” as an option at all.

– Always end and log out of each session. Don’t forget to log out once you’re done playing.

– Be particularly cautious with those described above when using a shared computer.

– Watch out for the following indications if you think someone has entered your account:

– Record your balance each time you log in and out, noting any discrepancies.

– Game history: keep a record of your gaming sessions (you can get a log of games played each session by contacting support)

– Verify with the cashier that you completed each transaction.

– Receipts: Keep a look out for transaction receipts in your inbox if you know you haven’t been playing.

Contact our support services immediately if someone else has accessed your account.

Now, let us see the process of enrolling on LuckyNiki:

Registration Method:

At LuckyNiki’s mobile casino, creating a new account is as easy as it gets and only takes a few minutes. You must provide your name, birthdate, and gender to start. Add your current address, phone number, and email address after that. Once everything is set up, you can establish daily restrictions. You can then access the mobile casino and take advantage of LuckyNiki’s welcome bonus.

The LuckyNiki app is now much easier to download.

Observe a few easy actions that could change somewhat depending on your device. Here is a detailed installation manual:

1. Install the app first:

A request to download the app will appear on the casino’s website. You can do this instantly on the website or the Google Play store for Android.

The LuckyNiki app is available here.

2. Register or log in:

You can immediately access the LuckyNiki app if you already have an account with the online casino. If this is your first time creating an account, you must register and submit some personal data. Enter your preferred payment method at the cashier to play for real money.

3: Select a game:

You can choose the game type and particular version you want to test by scrolling through the game zone. If you’d rather, you may start playing for free while you get used to the game.

4: Select “Play” from the menu!

You are now prepared to begin playing and succeeding! Make sure your device is set to landscape orientation for the best view.

Apple devices follow the same process. The only choice available when downloading the programme from the Google Play store is to choose the Apple version.

Before we wind up:

The administration of LuckyNiki is aware that everyone has different tastes in entertainment. We provide more than 2500 casino games, including table games, jackpot games, slot machines, and special live casino games, to satisfy the majority of our customers’ needs.

For the optimal browsing experience, the mobile site version automatically transforms to the phone’s screen orientation. As there are separate areas for various game kinds, LuckyNiki casino’s layout makes it simple to traverse this vast games library.

All of these games are available at LuckyNiki Casino without downloading any additional mobile casino apps. So let’s get going!

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