Ninja Master – Your guide to excel this game!

A competitive Fighting game with a Ninja theme called Ninja Master’s was created by ADK and first made available for the Neo Geo arcade and home systems in 1996. Later, Playstation 2 collection ADK Damashii included it in 2008. After the four World Heroes games and Aggressors of Dark Kombat, it was the company’s sixth and last Fighting game.

Sasuke, the game’s main character, is on a mission to assassinate Nobunaga in order to put an end to his reign of horror and bloodshed.

About the game:

SNK launched the Fighting game NINJA MASTER in 1996.

Twelve fearsome Fighters are known for being demons on the battlefield and collide spectacularly in a flurry of stunning combos and unique strikes in the land of Zipangu.

Do not miss any action, including the Strength Gauge’s ability to increase damage and the Super Fired-up Mode’s ability to produce fast-paced, dazzling techniques!

The “ACA NEOGEO” series have accurately recreated many legendary NEOGEO masterpieces.

Players can adjust the game’s difficulty and recreate the ambience of the arcade’s display settings at the time. With their high scores, players can also compete against one another globally.

It is time to practise being a ninja. Only someone who has studied the blade is capable of rising up to preserve reality’s honour in this chaotic world. It still counts even if you will need to practise with fruit and other things initially. As with aim, so with precision. The same fundamental ideas apply whether you are hurling your spinning blade at a bad guy or a watermelon. You must perfect your timing, reflexes, and speed and establish a fundamental comprehension of physics. Aim for the flying fruit because you will soon face a true test. Now is the time to find out if you have ever doubted yourself.

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How to play Ninja Master?

Recognize that you are right. You are the master ninja who will balance reality by using ninja stars. Now is the moment to take action and eliminate the opposition. With the dedication, effort, and faith that transforms you from a regular person into a legendary figure, slash your way to the top of the leaderboard and hold it there.

Enough of imagination. Let us see how to play:

Ninja Master’s adheres to the same rules as many other 2D Fighting games that were previously released for the Neo-Geo. The player must win a series of best-two-out-of-three battles against their opponent. During a Fight, characters have the option to switch to utilizing their weapon or Fighting hand-to-hand.

The super metre in Ninja Master’s is comparable to that in The King of Fighters and other Fighting game series.

Twenty pay lines and a five-by-three grid are in the Ninja Master slot. On any of the pay lines on the adjacent reels of this video slot, you must have three or more matching symbols in order to win. The gameplay of this slot machine is distinctive in that wins can be earned from right to left and from left to right. This provides you with up to 40 opportunities to win, rather than just 20.

To play this game, 

  • Simply click the Spin button beneath the reels.
  • The reels will only spin once as a result. However, choosing the Autoplay option will turn the symbols without your intervention.
  • You have the option of choosing a betting range. The 20 pay lines, the coin denomination, and the number of pay lines are multiplied to determine the total bet. 
  • All symbols pay out in multiples of the value of the coin.

On a mobile device, tap your finger to release a throwing star at the fruit in the air. On a desktop, point and click with your mouse.

Symbols and payouts to know:

  • You win when three or more identical symbols appear on any pay line. The Ninja, which serves as both the Wild and the Scatter, is one of the special symbols found on the reels.
  • Chinese characters are the two highest paying symbols, with rewards of 1600x and 1000x the line wager for getting five of a kind on a pay line. For five matching symbols on the pay line, the next character pays out 600x the line bet reward.
  • The Ace comes next, with a reward of 250 times the line stake for five matching symbols. Once five matching symbols are found, the King will pay out 200 times your line stake.
  • The Queen, Jack, and 10 are the last group of less valuable characters, and their payouts for five matching symbols are, respectively, 100, 75, and 50 times the line bet.

Develop your cool and subtle ninja skills as you take on the world’s fiercest competitors in the amazing Ninja Master game! Choose one of the twelve fantastic characters to represent your ninja warrior, and then be ready to be thrown into the ring to use your Fighting prowess to defeat and eliminate every opponent! Fight in bunkers, karate classrooms, and historical communities, but keep coming out on top and disposing of opponents before they can even catch their breath!

Ninja Master Slot Machine - Play the Online Slot for Free

Who are the main characters to represent your Ninja Warrior and their powers?


  • In addition to powers, he possesses all the skills thought to be possessed by ninjas (stealth, swimming, climbing, etc.)
  • Sasuke is capable of using shurikens to launch projectiles.
  • Energy Geyser: Sasuke has the ability to cause an energy geyser to appear from the earth by touching it with his palms.
  • Sasuke has a massive energy attack that he can direct from the palm of his hands.
  • Sasuke has the ability to disappear at will temporarily.
  • Sasuke can make a transparent copy of himself and attack his opponent from both sides with the Bunshin technique.

He Fights in style akin to Kamui. His Fighting style, which emphasizes multiple hits, makes him slightly quicker than his more experienced opponent.


  • He possesses all the capabilities thought to be possessed by NinjaNinja (stealth, swimming, climbing, etc.)
  •  Kunai use: Kamui is capable of launching three kunai projectiles.
  • Pyrokinesis: Kamui has the ability to control fire via ninjutsu. He is able to launch firebombs and create a pillar of fire for his enemies.
  • Bunshin – Kamui can make a transparent copy of himself, enabling him to attack his opponent twice with one blow.
  • He has an incredible ability to draw his sword quickly from its sheath.

He uses a similar Fighting style as Sasuke. In contrast to Kamui’s, his fighting style emphasizes powerful one-hit attacks.


  • Darkness Vessel: Karasu has the power to bend with shadows, transfer himself and his blade through shadows, and change his blade into a crow. 
  • He can also release crows of pure dark energy from his breast.

Fighting Style Karasu uses both one-handed and two-handed strikes in his self-taught Fighting style.


  • Energy Blast: She has the ability to project an energy blast from her hand using ninjutsu.

Natsume is a close-ranged brawler who uses punishing combo attacks to hurt opponents. She operates most effectively offensively when unarmed and more defensively when her weapon is drawn due to its range.


  • Unzen is a tremendously powerful man who is able to raise a man with just one hand. His strength is above the ordinary.
  • Unzen has the ability to launch fiery strikes.

Unzen is a sluggish but powerful grappler. He acquires a longer reach when using his weapon, but his recovery time is staggered.


  • Onmyoji Magic – Tenho may use yin-yang magic to attack his enemies using several ofuda cards. He has the ability to spin an army of cards around him, launch energy bursts, and attack with a wave of cards.


  • Concealed Weapons – Goemon carries six chain-like weapons hooked beneath his sleeves.
  • Slight of Hand: Goemon can control fire by using deception. He can blow flames at his opponents and inject flames into his fists.

Goemon is a flexible power figure who makes use of a variety of tools. He excels at all ranges and may quickly ensnare opponents with his sickle or cannon. His lengthy recovery times are his worst flaw.


  • Raiga has the ability to add electricity to his assaults by using ninjutsu. 
  • He has the ability to hover two energy balls around his body, send an energy current through his body, and shock his adversaries at close range.

Raiga uses his weapon and one-handed strikes as well as grappling manoeuvres.


  • Houoh can produce and project a variety of seals to harm or stun his adversaries.
  • He has the ability to fire electricity out of his hands.

Houoh is a fairly defensive warrior who performs best while using magic to exact revenge on his foes. His short-range, multiple-hitting vajra is fueled by mystic energy.


  • Bird Swarm: Kasumi can call forth a flock of energy birds to swarm around her body using ninjutsu.

Kasumi is an attacking character with quick reflexes who performs best in high-hitting combinations. She gains several long-ranged strikes while armed, which enable her to corner enemies.

Bonuses and features of Ninja Master

Utilize the Ninja Master extra function to raise your chances of winning while having fun with the game. 

The Wild can take the place of other Characters to achieve a win.

The Wild can also act as a Scatter, which can trigger bonus spins. For the duration of the Ninja Master free spins round or the duration of four free spins, each Ninja symbol you land is fixed in place and serves as a Wild.

Additionally, the Ninja symbol serves as a multiplier for your victories. 

The multiplier decreases with each winning spin. It delivers the same multiplier as the current Wild if you spin another Ninja master.

The Double or Nothing function is another functioning one can acquire through gameplay. 

You have the option to play the guessing game to double your winnings. You win if you correctly guess whether the object contains gold or rice. If not, you lose. You can double your winnings upto 5 times.

Volatility and RTP

The RTP for Ninja Master is 95.9%, which is a little lower than typical for online slots. You will still receive respectable profits from the RTP, and the volatility is moderate. In this slot, you can still anticipate reliable payouts.

Tips and Strategies to win Ninja Master

Here are some winning tips and tricks to win the Ninja Master game:

1. Use every available tool in the Fight

One can use a surprising number of complexities and special skills to one’s advantage. Change your direction of attack to be unpredictable, for starters. When appropriate, use special moves, blocks, combinations, and gumshooting. Use that strong Gum Ninjutsu as soon as you get the chance.

Cycling through the available moves increases the likelihood of dealing more damage and maintaining the opponents’ balance. Additionally, it will reduce the time spent waiting for a cooldown.

2. Utilize the surroundings to make yourself difficult to hit.

There are many different platforms, gaps, and buildings in Ninja Master. Use this to your advantage by hopping, sprinting, and racing through these locations. Included in this is the thrilling capacity to race along walls. This should be used in Eagle City in particular because it is a large map with lots of lofty buildings.

Build up your S-Energy and use your weapon’s dash feature as often as possible. Even while airborne and blowing bubbles, you can dash. Being difficult to hit is the aim, at least until you are prepared to Fight.

3. Wait To Strike At The Appropriate Moment

Getting into Fights may be tense and unpredictable. So, watch for the right moment to pounce and strike. Attack a vulnerable or otherwise occupied opponent. They might be preoccupied with taking down a Drone or recently rendered helpless by a player who withdrew or died.

If you are utilizing a yo-yo, try to launch an attack from range or attack from above or below. In general, it is wise to start a Fight when you have a positional or physical edge.

4. Gather Orbs When Not In The Action

In the chaotic arenas, there is typically plenty of activity to be had, although there will occasionally be a lull. This is particularly true after respawning and in Eagle City’s bigger arena. This is frequently a fantastic opportunity to move around the map and gather orbs in the area.

Do not forget that getting the most points kills and is also the ultimate objective. Additionally, collecting these orbs over time can affect your cumulative point totals, even if they only yield a modest quantity.

5. Use gum bubbles to bind opponents and gain advantages.

Make it a point to look for opponents blowing bubbles and attack them. They will become constrained and vulnerable for a brief period of time if you do this, “binding” them inside a wad of their own gum. Gum can also be shot directly at players to tie them. This underused manoeuvre has the potential to alter the course of a conflict significantly.

By doing this, you will have the opportunity to deliver an “Ippon,” a kind of stylish death blow that awards you extra points.

6. Acquire and Use Shinobi Cards

Do not forget to use the Ninja Medals you received by purchasing Shinobi Cards. These are accessible via the Closet menu item on the main menu. These will provide a number of unique abilities, such as the handy Ninja Sense Pro, which can identify nearby players, and the power to absorb energy.

With the use of Assist Codes, which are additionally accessible by earning medals, these cards can be modified and improved. These minor advantages can make a big difference in terms of giving you the upper hand on offence or defence.

7. Drones Must Be Destroyed To Create Vital S-Energy

S-Energy is a really helpful resource to have available to speak of. The bar in the lower-left corner of the screen serves as its representation.

As previously stated, having a ready source of this energy will enable the blowing of larger bubbles. However, it will also make it possible for players to create a more lethal weapon and improve their parrying. You can efficiently create this energy by eliminating the many drones dispersed around the battlefield. Give the Green Drones and the Large Red Drones special attention because they will help to build the S-Energy more quickly. Even in Team Battle, taking out a large Green Drone will help your teammates.

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Final words:

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