Quantum Roulette

Quantum Roulette live is a variant of Roulette and a live casino game that was developed by Playtech and released in September 2019. Quantum Roulette is streamed from an immaculate studio and features high-detail visuals and sounds, to create the most unique and immersive gaming atmosphere.

This live casino game has innovative gameplay and was founded around the Single Zero Roulette rules. Quantum Roulette live features multipliers on certain “Straight Up” positions in each and every game round and has five multipliers starting from 50x and going up to 500x.

There’s a special feature called the Quantum Boost which gets activated randomly and boosts existing multipliers. This Quantum Boost is capable of increasing some or all of the multipliers and creates incredible win potentials.

Other live casino games by Playtech include American Roulette, Hi-Lo Club, Spread-Bet Roulette, Dragon Jackpot Baccarat, and Casino Stud Poker, which can be played on LuckyNiki online casino.

Quantum Roulette features a trained and experienced host and boasts stunning eye-catching visuals with a dynamic style where players can bag a maximum win of 500:1. Quantum Roulette live is truly unique from regular Roulette and its variants.

It’s actually worth mentioning that Quantum Roulette isn’t really an original concept. This live casino game was inspired by Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette which was released in 2018.

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How To Play Quantum Roulette

To play Quantum Roulette you need to be familiar with the rules of European Roulette as both have the same types of bets. Even the table and the Roulette wheel numbers look the same. This is why being familiar with the ins and outs of European Roulette would help you easily switch to Quantum Roulette live.

Of course, it isn’t absolutely identical, there are just various similarities. The main difference in Quantum Roulette is the random multipliers that range from 50x to 500x which can potentially get you bigger wins. The payouts in Quantum Roulette live are slightly different from the classic game.

At first, the payout may seem less to you because it’s 29:1 whereas European Roulette pays out 35:1 but what you’re forgetting is that in Quantum Roulette random multipliers get attached which pays you way more than 35:1 bets.

The multipliers are awarded at each and every turn and are completely random, offering between 50x to 500x. Anywhere between the range of one to five multipliers can appear each and every time.

The multiplier only pays out if the number that gets chosen for the multiplier is exactly where the Roulette ball lands when the Roulette wheel stops. Always remember that only straight-up bets are eligible for the multipliers. Feel free to place other types of bets, just know that you won’t receive the multiplier when you win.

So this includes all European Roulette bets like basket, corner, street, split, and line bets.

What Makes Quantum Roulette Unique

Playtech has made it easier for its players by making the rules of Quantum Roulette the same as the standard game of European Roulette but what exactly makes Quantum Roulette live different from European Roulette or any other variant?

Well, these are the 5 main differences between Quantum Roulette and European Roulette,

  • The Quantum Multipliers – Quantum multipliers can drastically increase a player’s winnings. In this game, players can find multipliers that can boost people’s winnings by 50x going up to 500x.
  • Straight-Up Bets Pay Out Most – The quantum multipliers are only for straight-up bets. So other bets like the basket, corner, street, split, and line bet would payout less than straight-up bets.
  • Dynamic Hosts – Even though Quantum Roulette live hosts don’t actually touch the Quantum Roulette wheel they have a very active role in the game of Quantum Roulette live. The hosts interact with all the players and walk around with a microphone.

They are not discreet or in the background hiding, the whole point of Quantum Roulette is to create a full-on casino experience online.

  • Automatic Play – The entire play in Quantum Roulette live is automated. Don’t get confused, there is a live game host but they don’t spin the actual wheel. Quantum Roulette uses a custom-made Roulette wheel which is sealed so it can’t be manipulated by external factors.

The wheel spins automatically at defined intervals and provides a 20-second window for players to place their bets. 

  • Eye-Catching Visuals And Graphics – This game has big visuals along with flashy graphics everywhere. Quantum Roulette live has an oversized board that displays the Quantum Multiplier information, top players, and other important statistics.

There are fun quantum graphics popping up on the screen from time to time. This game is unapologetically bold and loud, which makes it extremely fun to watch even when you haven’t placed your bets. 

Quantum Roulette Payouts

In Quantum Roulette live, for a player to collect and benefit from the multipliers they need to place a straight-up bet. For players that have won on a straight-up bet without any multiplier, they’ll collect 29:1. The amount of multiplier chosen is completely random, starting from 50x and going up to 500x in increments of 50.

So, a player’s winnings when they win on a multiplier would range from 49:1 to 499:1. Quantum Roulette has several other types of payouts similar to European Roulette. For example, players can opt for the binary bets of high/ low, red/ black, and even/ odd with a payout of 1:1.

There are dozen and column bets paying 2:1, line bets paying 5:1, and basket and corner bets paying 8:1. The street bets pay 11:1 and the split bets offer the most aside from the straight-up bet at 17:1. Just to reiterate, only the straight up bets qualify for the multipliers in Quantum Roulette live.

Can You Win At Quantum Roulette?

Absolutely yes, Quantum Roulette live is a really fun game that offers great odds to its players. The RTP of both Quantum Roulette and European Roulette are exactly the same. The volatility of a game is the next thing to consider. High volatility means that players might need to wait for a while to hit a big win.

This happens when players place a single number straight-up bet in Quantum Roulette live. In a single number straight-up bet, the chance of winning the 500x multiplier is 0.19%. Even with the 50x multiplier, the odds of winning are slim at 1.95%.

Don’t worry though, you can easily improve your chances of winning by following the strategies mentioned in the next section. 

Strategies In Quantum Roulette

To boost your chances of winning at Quantum Roulette live you can follow these strategies. Do keep in mind that there is no low-risk way to play this game. Using these techniques can be useful but there are no sure-shot guarantees. Remember the golden rule of responsible gaming – never place bets you can’t afford to lose.

  • Place bets on the numbers that catch your eye and play normally. Bet on as many as you like. In this technique, you are following your gut so it’s easy and familiar. The best part is that it requires absolutely no planning. The only drawback of this technique is that it relies solely on luck and nothing else. 
  • Bet on each and every number, we know it sounds silly but the logic is there. Players are guaranteed to win if they bet on each and every number. There is a possibility that the players could lose more than they bet and that the winning number may not be the one chosen for the multiplier but if the multiplier lands on the winning number then you can rest assured because you’ll have it covered.

With this technique, players will get a straight-up bet win on every turn. If a multiplier lands on the winning number then players are guaranteed to collect them. In a case where the multiplier lands early, players can leave the table and still earn a decent profit.

This technique does come with certain drawbacks. For most turns, players would be betting more than they would be winning. If the multiplier takes a long time to appear, players might be able to just recover their losses instead of earning a profit.

Players might have to sustain a couple of losses before they hit the multiplier win. There are no guarantees that the multipliers would land on the winning number as the whole process is completely random, thanks to random number generators.

  • As an alternative, instead of betting on the entire wheel, simply place your bets on a section of the wheel. When you’re employing this strategy remember to place your bet as whole numbers and not split bets. This is because you won’t be able to qualify for the multiplier wins.

Players are not guaranteed a win every single time but they’ll be betting less by covering a section of the wheel instead of covering the entire wheel. This is advantageous because the total bet becomes lower giving players a long time to play.

Other than that, this technique is easier to implement because this is a typical betting strategy that most players are familiar with. Lastly, players can just focus on specific areas of the wheel instead of the whole wheel.

The drawbacks are more or less similar to the previous strategies like you probably won’t win on every single turn. This works out to be more expensive than single straight-up bets and players are likely to miss the multiplier if it lands on a winning number that is present on another section of the wheel.

  • You can decide to use a straight-up bet on the side to fully claim the potential of Quantum Roulette without focusing on the multipliers. Just stick to your usual strategy and add a straight-up bet on the side.

This can be really beneficial to players as they’ll be following their regular playing strategy, have a chance to hit the multiplier, and not spend a lot on betting. The only con is that players might not hit the multiplier. 

Quantum Roulette Fairness

Before you start playing this game, make sure that you are playing all online casino games at trustworthy and reliable online casinos like the LuckyNiki online casino and the LuckyNiki app.

These online casinos should be properly authorised and licensed by legitimate regulatory authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Online casinos have to go through rigorous testing and processes to get a license from these authorities.

One of the parameters is to ensure that all the games of online casinos are fair. This is done by checking the random number generators that are being used and comparing the game results with the published RTP.

If an online casino is found to be cheating by abusing its license, then they face some serious consequences like having to pay a huge financial penalty. In a nutshell, committing fraud without getting caught is impossible and not profitable.

Online casinos that are either not licensed or regulated by lax authorities with low standards can get away with a lot. These casinos won’t pay the winners and at the same time compromise your personal data and financial information. Trust us, playing at unregulated and unlicensed casinos is not worth the risk.

Always play Quantum Roulette at a regulated online casino like the LuckyNiki online casino and the LuckyNiki app. We’re licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Playing Quantum Roulette live at LuckyNiki is completely fair and safe.

Play Quantum Roulette At LuckyNiki

To get the most out of your Quantum Roulette live gaming experience and to get the maximum perks, play only at LuckyNiki, India’s most premium, high-quality, Japanese-themed, and anime-style online casino.

We provide a safe and secure environment for online casino gaming on both our LuckyNiki online casino site and our LuckyNiki app. We are happy to share with you that we have hundreds and thousands of happy and satisfied customers from all over the world, especially from Asia.

Here are the top reasons why you should play Quantum Roulette only at LuckyNiki online casino,

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Play Quantum Roulette live without any worries at LuckyNiki online casino. For the most entertaining casino gaming experience, download the LuckyNiki app and play your favourite online casino games on your phone while you’re on the go.


Quantum Roulette is a very popular Roulette variant that is played by thousands of players worldwide. The main reason behind Quantum Roulette’s popularity is the fact that people have a genuine chance of winning more with a single number.

The game follows all the rules of the standard European Roulette game but features extra five multipliers that hold the potential to boost winnings on random numbers. The multipliers range from 50x to 500x.

There are other special features like the Quantum Boost which adds an extra 50x to the player’s winnings and a Quantum Leap that randomly doubles or triples a multiplier. Multipliers are only applicable to single numbers between 0 to 36, so players can only win on straight-up bets. The non-multiplier straight-up bets pay 29:1 instead of 35:1.

Play Quantum Roulette safely at LuckyNiki online casino and get the chance to hit it big with the 500x multiplier.

Get Lucky With LuckyNiki!

Quantum Roulette FAQ

  1. What are the odds on quantum roulette?

Depending on what bets you place, the odds in Quantum Roulette vary. Straight-up bets without multipliers pay 29:1, straight-up bets with multiplier pay from 49:1 to 499:1. All binary bets of high/ low, red/ black, and even/ odd pay 1:1, dozen and column bets pay 2:1, line bets pay 5:1, basket and corner bets pay 8:1, street bets pay 11:1 and lastly split bets pay 17:1.

  1. How do you play quantum roulette?

Choose a reliable, trustworthy, and licensed online casino like the LuckyNiki online casino and start playing Quantum Roulette. Join a live Quantum Roulette table, either place a bet or watch other players play.

If a game is already in progress when you join them you’ll be able to place your bets only after that round has concluded. You are supposed to place your bets during a 20-second interval. Use the LuckyDip option to choose 5, 7, or 8 random numbers to place your bets.

Once the bets are closed, the Roulette ball automatically starts spinning around the wheel. During the spin, the quantum feature randomly assigns a multiplier or multipliers to random straight bet numbers. When the ball stops, a winning number is announced and your winnings get automatically added to your gaming account.

  1. Can roulette be predicted?

In one word, no. Roulette games cannot be predicted. All Roulette games including Quantum Roulette are random and the outcomes of who’s going to win cannot be predicted.

  1. What is the safest roulette bet?

Technically, the safest roulette bet is to bet on the entire wheel. This way if a multiplier or multipliers get assigned to the winning number then you can just relax because you’ll have it covered.

This technique guarantees wins to players but can be a bit too expensive because you’ll be covering the entire wheel.

  1. Is electronic roulette rigged?

Depends on where you are playing Roulette. All licensed and regulated casinos like LuckyNiki online casino go through rigorous testing to make sure that all the casino games are fair and not manipulated.

This is carried out by checking the RNGs or the random number generators to ensure that the outcomes are actually random or not. The outcomes of all the games are compared with their published RTPs.

Regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission ensure that casinos don’t rip off their customers. So always play Quantum Roulette live and other casino games at regulated and licensed online casinos.

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