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Online casino games can seem quite daunting to the novice player. So it’s a good idea to start with a specific genre and then move on to specific games. A good place to start is casino table games. 

Now, what are casino table games? In simple words, casino table games are games that are played on the table or involve the use of a table. Table games are games of chance where gamers play against the casino and are operated by either one or many live dealers. Table games are classic and iconic, they never go out of style. With the premium look and feel there’s something so special about table games that it draws several players to the casino. 

It is often said that real casino players play table games to test their strategy and luck. But let’s be honest, there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to playing online casino games. Just pick one that suits your gaming style and get started. The best thing yet, is you don’t have to hop on a plane to Macau or Vegas. You can simply pull out your phone and start playing table games in India. It’s that easy and effortless.

Before we talk about table games, let’s get some things clear.

Which is better? Free or Real Money Table Games?

One reason why playing online table games is so much better than brick-and-mortar casinos is that you can actually choose to play for real money or not.

Now one’s not better than the other. They both have their merits. You need to understand what works for you and then proceed accordingly. 

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Benefits of Free Table Games

  1. Most top online casinos offer free table games.
  2. All the payouts, gameplays, and mechanics of the free games are similar to those of real money games. 
  3. The only difference is that you’re playing with play credits instead of your bankroll.
  4. Playing table games for free helps you practice and test out various games to see what you like and what you don’t like.
  5. It’s also a great opportunity to learn the rules and get really familiar with the game. 

Benefits of Real Money Table Games

  1. Straight off, playing table games for real money is so much more exciting than just practicing. 
  2. Table games with real money actually give you a proper chance to earn a real money that you can transfer to your bank account. 
  3. You have complete control over whether you want to play for small stakes or hit the high stakes. 
  4. Most of the time playing real money table games makes you eligible for deposit bonuses.

How to Choose the Perfect Online Casino for Table Games

To get the best gaming experience, you need to keep the following points in mind while choosing an online casino for playing real money table games.

Take advantage of this list that we’ve specially curated for you.

  1. Safety and Security – Your personal safety is the number one most important aspect of gaming online. Only choose licensed and reputable online casinos. These sites should have strong encryptions to protect your personal and financial data. 
  2. Impressive Game Selection – Online casinos should have the latest top-quality games of various genres. They should also have games by more than one leading and trusted software developer.
  3. Mind Blowing Bonuses – Let’s be honest, all online casinos offer some kind of bonuses and deals to lure in gamers. You need to look for a casino that has got better promotions for new and existing players, a generous welcome bonus, daily offers and promotions that are catered to your personal gaming style, and a top-of-the-line VIP program. 
  4. Reliable Banking Options – In 2022, we’re not settling for lousy banking and payment methods. The best online casinos have a minimum of half a dozen of payment and banking options like UPI and Net Banking.
  5. Excellent Customer Service – Not good but excellent customer support is very important while playing table games. You don’t want your gaming experience to get ruined because of silly queries, right? Having 24 hours, round-the-clock, customer support is essential with knowledgeable staff. Offering multiple channels for resolving issues is also important such as live chat, calls, or emails. 
  6. Device Optimization – In this day and age, you should be able to access your favorite table games from your favorite online casino through multiple devices in both app and web format.

Make sure that the casino you choose is optimized for playing on all devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. They should also work on older devices. Even if a casino doesn’t have a downloadable mobile app, its website should be optimized for mobile web browsers.

Now that you’re well equipped with the basic information you need to know for playing table games online, let’s move on to the fun part and take a look at these exciting table games that you can play for real money.

Here’s a list of the top 5 casino table games that you need to play in 2022:

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is an uncomplicated game of chance. When translated in English from Hindi it means ‘In Out’. Andar Bahar is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. This game originated in India and is played enthusiastically by many players worldwide. The main goal of Andar Bahar is to predict whether the Andar Box will win or the Bahar box.

What is Andar Bahar? |

There’s a dealer who starts the game by shuffling the deck and revealing the first card or Joker. The players then wager or place their bets by guessing where the Joker card would first land. The player who chooses correctly wins.

  • How To Play Andar Bahar

The game officially begins when the dealer starts shuffling the cards and reveals the Joker. What happens next is that you’ll have to place your bet by placing your chips on either Andar or Bahar. The round concludes as soon as the joker lands on either of the boxes first. You win if your initial bet matches the box where the Joker landed in.

In Andar Bahar, there’s an option to place a Super Bahar bet. In the Super Bahar bet, players put all their chips in the box labeled Super Bahar on the game table. This bet is only placed during the 1st and 2nd bet and only for the Bahar box.

After placing the Super Bahar bet, if the first card drawn is the Joker then the payout winnings is 11x the betting or wagered amount. 

  • Rules of Andar Bahar
  1. On the Andar Bahar table, there are two boxes placed namely Andar and Bahar. 
  2. Andar Bahar is played using a single deck of cards that the dealer shuffles every single time before each and every round. 
  3. The game officially starts when the dealer draws the first card called the Joker and places it at the center of the table. 
  4. All the participants then place their bets by making a guess on whether the Joker will land on Andar Box or Bahar Box. 
  5. The initial bets are wagered on the box labeled 1st bet for the boxes. 
  6. After the first bet is placed, the dealer calls no more bets and starts drawing cards for both the boxes in an alternating fashion. Basically, the dealer reveals one card for Bahar and then one card for Andar. 
  7. If the Joker appears on the Bahar box first then 25% of the wagered amount is paid to all participants that chose Bahar.
  8. In case the Joker, lands on the Andar Box first, then all the players are paid even money. 
  9. If the Joker doesn’t appear at all in the first two cards then players can choose to place a second bet. This bet is wagered on a second box labeled 2nd bet for both sets. 
  10.  Once all participants have placed their second bets then the dealer calls no more bets again and starts drawing cards. The cards are placed alternatingly starting with Bahar and then Andar. This is done until the Joker is revealed. 
  11. If the first card revealed on the second bet turns out to be the Joker then the 2nd bet is paid 25% of the wagered amount and the 1st bet is paid even money. 
  12. The winnings after this round are either even money or 1x the initial bets.


Baccarat is a card game in the table games genre. In Baccarat, the winning hand consists of two to three cards with the highest score. Many people argue that Baccarat is a pure game of chance. However, one could point out that not everything is purely on one side of the spectrum. All games of chance need some skill and all games of skills require some chance or luck.

Baccarat was originally a high roller game but with the advent of online casinos and online casino real money games, the recent versions accommodate both high-stake and low-stake players. 

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  • How To Play Baccarat

Start by enrolling yourself and buying some betting chips. Baccarat is played using an 8-card deck. The cards in Baccarat have the following point values,

The aces are worth 1 point. Numbered cards are worth their numerical value from 2 to 9. Face cards such as the Jack, Queen, and the King are worth nothing or zero.

Start your game by wagering a bet on one of the possible hands either the player or the banker. You can bet on a tie but that’s not a popular choice. In Baccarat there’s only a player’s hand and a dealer or banker’s hand. Each hand has at least two cards in them to start. Each of the hands is scored between zero and nine. You simply add the points for all the cards in the hand. In case you have 10+ points then simply count points after the one. For example, 12 will become 2, just ignore the 1. 

An interesting thing about Baccarat is that there’s a set of rules that decide whether a third card will be dealt to a hand or not. For example, if either the player or the banker/ dealer has a natural then no extra cards are dealt.

The game is slightly complicated but the great thing is that you, the player, don’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is either bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. The odds of winning or losing are the same regardless. The playing hand with the higher score wins the game of Baccarat.

  • Different Baccarat Variations

Unbeknownst to the average player, Baccarat actually has several variations. Let’s check them out real quick. 

  1. Punto Banco – Punto Banco and Baccarat are synonymous in the modern day. Traditionally, it is a high roller version of the Baccarat card game. The croupier directs the gameplay while two other Baccarat dealers handle the bets and payouts respectively.

Punto Banco is traditionally played using 8 decks, however, sometimes they might use only 6 decks. There’s not a lot of difference in either the 6 decks or the 8 decks. The house edge pretty much remains the same. 

  1. Mini Baccarat – Mini Baccarat is perfect for low-stakes players as it is a smaller-scale version of the same game. In Mini Baccarat, the stakes are lower, the table is smaller, and only a handful of players are accommodated. All the rules are the same. 
  2. Chemin de Fer – Chemin de Fer is an older variant of Baccarat and its name is French for ‘railway’. The name is significant because this game had faster gameplay and in those days the fastest way to travel was through railways.

This Baccarat variant only uses 6 decks and one of the players takes on the role of banker and deals. All other participants become punters. Chemin de Fer’s gameplay is similar to traditional Baccarat with one exception – the participant gets to determine how to play the hand.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced card game. This is one of those table games that have fast gameplay. The game usually starts when all participants wager money on either the Dragon or the Tiger options available on the table. Depending on where a player has wagered their bet, the winning player is determined where the highest card appears out of the two options.

How to play Dragon Tiger online: Rules, strategies, odds ...
  • How To Play Dragon Tiger

To start the game, you need to place your bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger box. Just place your chips on one of the two options. The dealer will then start drawing one card for each option and place them on the two boxes on the table respectively. You will win if your initial bet has the highest card value among the two options. If it doesn’t then you lose. 

  • Rules Of Dragon Tiger
  1. In Dragon Tiger, you have the option to bet on either the Dragon box or the Tiger box. 
  2. The dealer draws cards from a shoe containing six to eight pre-shuffled decks of cards. 
  3. Remember, in this game, the Ace has the lowest value while the King has the highest value.
  4. Once everyone has placed their bets on their choice of an option the dealer then draws one card and places it on the Dragon followed by the Tiger. 
  5. You will win if the box of your choice ends up having a card of higher value than the other option.
  6. Each player is competing against the dealer. All players have their own Tiger, Dragon, and Tie boxes.
  7. The winnings for both options are even money or 1x the initial bet amount. 
  8. You can place bets on ties too, the payouts are 50% of your initial bet plus 10x of the tie bet amount. 


Roulette is French for ‘little wheel’. It is a game of chance and a very well-liked table game. This game has a spinning wheel also known as the roulette wheel with numbered red and black slots. The numbers run from one to thirty-six. There is an additional green slot with the number zero on it and a ball.

To place bets players either call a number or a group of numbers and then the dealer spins the wheel. As soon as the wheel stops, where the ball stops decide who’s won. If the final position of the ball matches the bet then the player has won. Multiple people can play Roulette and place multiple bets at a time.

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  • How To Play Roulette

Begin by placing a bet and wagering your chips on a number or a group of numbers on the roulette table. Wait for the dealer to call no more bets and spin the wheel in one direction while they throw the ball in the opposite direction. As soon as the call stops the landing position of the ball determines who’s won. If your initial bet matches the winning number(s) then you’ve won.

  • Rules of Roulette
  1. The chips that are used in Roulette are different from the ones that are used in other games. These chips help identify the players and their bets. 
  2. The European Roulette wheels have one zero slots or pocket while the American Roulette wheels have two zero slots or pockets. 
  3. In Roulette, you can place two types of bets. They’re either the Inside Bets or the Outside Bets. 
  4. The Inside Bets have the following six options – straight up, six line, split, street, and corner. 
  5. The Outside Bets include the following three options – dozens, even chances, and columns.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a famous card game predominantly played in South Asia. The game originated in the Indian subcontinent and translates to ‘three cards’ in English. It is also known as ‘Flash’ or ‘Flush’ and is a simplified version of the Three Card Poker game. Teen Patti is widely played all over the world, especially during Diwali. For some Teen Patti is more than a game, it’s a tradition. Let’s see how this game is played.

Teen Patti Game - 3Patti Poker by Artoon Solutions
  • How To Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is played with three to six participants with a 52-card pack. All the joker cards are removed for playing this game. The game starts with all the players placing their bets. Usually, a fixed amount of bets are placed by all players before the actual distribution of the cards. When everyone has placed their bets and the ante is collected, each and every player is dealt three cards face down.

The ante or the pot sits at the center of the Teen Patti table. After all the players get their three cards they have the option to either call or make a raise.

Making a call indicates that the player wants to continue playing the game but they won’t raise their bet. While making a raise means that the player is interested in adding more money to the pot.

As the game unfolds, the pot grows and one person with the best hand until the completion of the game wins.

  • Rules of Teen Patti

The goal in Teen Patti is to have the top three cards hand amongst all the players. The rankings are decided as follows,

  1. The trail or set – all three cards are of the same rank. 
  2. Pure sequence or straight flush – the three consecutive cards are from the same suit. 
  3. Sequence or the run – there are three consecutive cards from different suits. 
  4. Color – the three cards are of the same suit but not in any particular sequence. 
  5. Pair – the two cards are of the same rank.
  6. High card – the three cards are not in any sequence, they aren’t from the same suit, and any two of the cards don’t have the same value.

That’s the last of the lot. These were the five of the most exciting table games in India that you can play right now. Choose a reliable virtual platform for playing table games in India

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Table games are a classic genre of online casino games that attracts hundreds of players from all over the world. It’s important to choose a proper virtual platform to ensure that your gaming experience isn’t compromised. In this article, we summarised how to choose the right online casino for playing table games in India and talked about five of the most widely played table games in detail.

Choosing the right casino that just works for you is rather important. That’s why we’re happy to tell you that LuckyNiki casino offers the most to accommodate all your needs. From endless game selection to exciting promotions and offers, we guarantee we have something for everyone. 

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